Contractor Orientation

Stream-Flo Group of Companies Contractor Safety Orientation 2024

Before arriving at a Stream-Flo Group of Companies (Stream-Flo, Master Flo, DYCOR) worksite, you must have read the Contractor Safety Orientation Program document below, acknowledged that you understand the Contractor Safety Program requirements and agree to follow those requirements. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the requested work. The Stream-Flo Group of Companies will not be held liable for any consequences of this cancellation.

Upon acknowledging that you understand and agree to the Contractor Safety Program, you will be emailed proof of acknowledgement. You must screenshot/save on a mobile device, or print the proof of acknowledgement and have it available when on Stream-Flo Group of Companies worksites. You must be able to present the acknowledgement prior to commencement of work.

Please ensure all contractors complete their own Contractor Safety Orientation for the current year. 

Contractor Safety Orientation Acknowledgement